SuperCarSundayNL: Supercar and Hypercars line Up

TrackandTuner.com visited SuperCarSundayNL at  Circuit Zandvoort. 


As you could have seen, it was very busy with people and cars.


But lets focus on some of the great Supercars and Hypercars getting ready for the Hypercar parade. 


As you can see a lot of great colors in this years line up. One of the highlights was the McLaren Senna GTR which looks even more aggressive than the "Normal" Senna. 


With the "Supercars" already lined up we were waiting on the hypercars still stuck in the pit.

This meant that Hypercars like the Koenigsegg Agera R, the Aston Martin Zagato, Mclaren P1 GTR, Ford GT, Bugatti Chiron and many more needed to go through the grass to line up in the front of the Display.


Fortunately the grass was very flat and it made for some great pictures. 


After all the cars where ready for the line up, they pulled out the Koenisegg Jesko. This 1500HP ++ Hypercar was the star of the show. Although it couldn't be started which was a bit of a shame, as I was looking forward to hearing this car on Track.

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