GranTurismoEvents 2020 - King of the Ring - Brunnchen

TrackandTuner.com visited GranTurismo Events on the Nurburging Nordschleife. After they had to cancel the first annual trackday, we were happy that King of Ring could go through. 


As you can see even in these challenging conditions, lots of great cars where present. 


We love weird cars, and although a BMW M5 e60 isn't a weird car, building it like a trackday car is a bit unusual. A big 4 door saloon, with a V10 engine, no rear seats and a roll cage made me look twice. 

We would love to know how it drives!

We went to the famous Brunnchen corner. It is one of the easiest corners to reach and always full of spectators. Most of the video's you see are made at Brunnchen. 


After another wet session I went back to the paddock to get some warm cocoa and see some of the cars. 


Again the BMW M5 e60 is looking awesome in trackday spec. Another unusual car is the BMW M8 being a heavy car between all the Porsche GT3RS cars.


Check out the onboard with a Ferrari 430 scuderia onboard lap down below.

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