Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool 2021: New Problems and more carbon?

Remember our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool?

Time for a little recap: We decided to skip 2020 due to obvious reasons and completely rebuilt the car for 110%. Full engine revision, new brakes, new suspension, new carbon parts, from RHD to LHD and much much more. 


Time for a big upgrade in 2021. We completely stripped the engine, for a full rebuilt and had some great carbon fiber uprades from Burkhart Engineering for our brand new MOVIT brakes. We also went for solid bushings and more cooling.


But after fitting the engine back in, the car would not start and was giving us some problems. 

So we decided to remove the engine again, check all the components again and strip and wire the engine harness to make sure we tackled all the problems.

Stripping the wiring harness as you can see is a big job, since you can remove, the PDC, heated seats, full audio etc. etc. All in all it saves you a couple of KG too and it makes all the other wires a bit easier to label.


We also upgraded the brakes with more cooling and installed some new fancy Team Schirmer carbon parts. Can you guess what it is?


Stay tuned for more updates on our Ringtool at www.facebook.com/Trackandtuner 

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