The AvD Oldtimer GP 2020: The Ferrari paddock

TrackandTuner.com visited our favorite Classic car event, the AvD Oldtimer GP 2020 on the Nurburgring.


Like all events, it was uncertain if this event would proceed. Fortunately it did, be it with a lot less cars then usual. However, it never disappoints!


In this special, we take a look at the FCD (Ferrari Club Deutschland) Challenge racecars and the street legal cars the owners brought to the track.

The fun thing about this race, is that all Ferrari challenge cars race at once, so you will see a Ferrari 488 Challenge and Ferrari 430 challenge in the same laps. 


Must say, my favorite is still the Ferrari 458 GT3!

These cars are all privately owned cars by a select club of Ferrari fans and owners. 


So lets take a look at the cars they brought to drive to the Nurburgring. A lot of greatly specced Ferrari 488 Pista's. All colors, from grey, Dark red, White or even Green. I loved the green 488 Pista with the yellow lights and gold wheels. What do you think?


We also saw the Ferrari LaFerrari and its Classic Supercar parents like the Ferrari F40 and Daytona.


I loved the full line up with all the bright colors. I love to see Ferrari's in great alternative colors. 

What is your favorite?

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