Which car would you take for Racing?

TrackandTuner.com has visited many many trackdays, and we love to see a big variety of cars.  During our years visiting SuperCarChallenge we have seen a lot of great cars. 


So we would like to ask you, which car would you take for a trackday or a full race?

As you know, we prefer a good built BMW for any racetrack. But if you open your mind for more, then cars like a Volvo V8, Mazda Rotary and corvettes come into play.


Yes we would all love a Ferrari 458 GT2 or a Dodge Viper GT3 but for must we can only dream of those cars. 


But there are plenty of other lower cost options.


A safe bet is taking a Porsche GT3 Cup car, but if you want something more out of the box, a Mossler or a silhouette built Volvo V8 might be for you. 


So after all these cars, I still ended up with a timeless classic, a Rothman livery Renault Alpine, just wow.

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