Taking it back to 2015: Nordschleife

I came across an unopened folder with lots of pictures from the AvD oldtimer weekend in 2015. Some very rare cars in the album and also great memories of well known cars during Touristfahren at the Nordschleife.


We have been going to the Nordschleife for over 10 years now. But I still love it every time.


Looking back on this 2015 album much has changed or hasn't it?

We still see lots of Porsches on track in 2021. This was no difference in 2015 with the Porsche Driving Days taking over the Nordschleife for 2 days of driving. 

Looking at the cars in the Touristfahren paddock we still the the Schirmer built BMW M3's with the same modifications as of today.


As you can see with an overflow of Porsche GT3's, BMW M3's and lots of other great cars, not much has changed.


The only feeling we have looking back, that it was a bit more relaxed, no instagram posing on the sides and no phones everywhere.


Do you agree?

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