The AvD Oldtimer GP: Back in 2016

The AvD Oldtimer GP is our favorite event on the Nurburgring. We love the ambience and the great classic cars. Lets go back to better times and take a look at unedited photos of the 2016 edition.


The AvD Oldtimer GP is never boring and always shows the best classic cars racing and driving hard. Just take a look at these BMW M3 e30 DTM cars, the BMW M1 Procar and the mega Turbo Porsches.

Time for some action pictures of the Legendary AvD revival challenge.


We walked to the chicane at the end of the track for some lovey panning shots, of these cars shooting massive flames.


No flame or burbles tunes, just real gas and oil exploding in the exhaust. 


Oldskool, Loud and lovey!


Check out the video to hear it all in full glory.

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