WeDRIVE: Tuned 560HP M3 vs OEM 510HP M4 DTM

TrackandTuner.com took out a 1#200 imited edition BMW M4 DTM for a small photoshoot. This car only has 2700 km´s and is for sale here. 


We also took out a 560HP Tuned BMW M3 F80 to compare how these car handle. So a stock OEM BMW M4 DTM `GTS` has 510HP, is lighter and the GTS suspension, functional cage, Recaro bucket seats and the BMW M performance exhaust. 


The BMW M3 F80 as a full KW V3 set up, 560HP ECU tune, full exhaust, and show rear cage. 

For me the Recaro bucket seats make the most difference. I just love bucket seat, they make you feel like you are ready for racing. The BMW M4 DTM is also stripped from all comforts like comfort access and the different engine mode settings. 


Another big difference is the suspension. The BMW M4 DTM feels even stiffer then the BMW M3 with its full KW V3 set-up. With 510HP the OEM M4 DTM is very fast and the engine feels mighty aggressive. While the M3 F80 has more horsepower, it feels more comfortable strangely enough. 


The BMW M3 F80 has a full 3DDesign exhaust, so it is going to be a lot louder. But the burbles on the M4 DTM are the same. 


The BMW M3 F80 is faster and when going full out, an animal, but can be dialed back to more relaxed driving. 


All in All I feel that the BMW M4 DTM is worth its limited edition price tag. It feels like a dialed in racing car, its hard, has less buttons to play with and just feels track ready. It also has some very special parts like the OLED lights, Recaro BMW M seats, Half Cage and a very nice and expensive suspension.


So what would take?

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