HillClimb: My First Bergrennen Experience MsC Osnabruck

TrackandTuner.com always has been a great fan of Bergrennen/Hillclimbs. I love seeing these cars driving up the hill close to the barriers on YouTube.


I have been a fan watching bergrennen on YouTube for a long time, so when our friends of Buldre Racing went to Osnabruck, I had a perfect excuse to go to my first ever Bergrennen. 


It is very different to a racing track, since it is basically a public road closed off. So no guardrails or room for errors. Also for me as a photographer, you are very close to the action and need to be carefull and look for the best points. 


MsC Osnabruck did a great job with the big VIP hospitality area from which you can see the starting line and the cars lining up and giving it full power along the main straight.

There was a nice variety of cars, from the old VW Polo, Sirocco ITB cars, to a new Porsche 991 Cup car and some Mega Turbo cars. 

Lots of nice cars going on the Hill and pushing close to the barriers. 


Another eye catcher where the two Audi Quattro cars, which look and sound awesome. Did didn't go full attack mode, since they were demo driving.


Team Buldre racing brought three Turbo cars. The Famous BMW M3 e30 2JZ, the BMW M5 e34 and a Ford Focus RS all capable of more than 1000HP. 


Take a look at the awesome BMW M3 e30 2JZ for a full time attack up the hill below.

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