Trackdays.de: Dancing in the Rain

Time for our last article in regards to the Trackdays.de event on the Nordschleife.


Like I said in the previous articles, the conditions were very tricky. Sometimes the track was drying up, dry lines and at other corners it was fully wet. Making it hard for the driver, but also for the photographer. 


To be honest, I liked the wet photo's more.


I walked back from Wipperman towards Brunnchen for the final pictures of the day. 

Still with some great cars on track. I was very impressed by the BMW M5cs chasing and overtaking the Porsche GT3RS in these conditions. It looked so fast on track with those amber lights. 


Another big respect goes to the Subaru driver. You don't need to have the most expensive car on the Nordschleife, to be fast and have fun. 


I hope you enjoy all the pictures and if you want your car in HD please get in touch.

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