Trackdays.de: M2 Wing? - Action Shots Part 2

TrackandTuner.com visited another great trackdays.de event on the Nordschleife. 


This is part three. After the first corner (Sabine Schmitz & T13), I went back into the parking lot to take a better look at the BMW M2 with a very unique wing.

I have never seen this wing, and I do believe it is a Alpha-N Performance carbon fiber rear wing, which I must say looked great. 


As you see lots of black and great cars, but the first picture shows you some bright colors in these gloomy weather conditions.

Time to go to another corner, this time I chose Wipperman.


Famous for the "Wipperman Challenge" meaning riding the curbs on the right, making it a nice spot for some action shots. 


When I arrived it was drying up, but then another cloud arrive, making the track wet again at certain parts. Standing in the rain is no fun, but the pictures with the spray behind look great.  

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