WeDRIVE: Magic in the mountains - Ferrari 458 speciale vs Aston Martin V12

TrackandTuner.com is fortunate to have some great experiences over the years. This is another great day to never forget. Getting into the Black Forest with two of the very best sportcars.


The V12 of the Aston Martin vs. the Ferrari 458 Speciale.


Two cars on paper to be very close competitors, but is this also the case driving them through the mountains in the Black Forest?


Both cars are faster, more special editions of their "normal" variants. Lighter and with more power. 

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage AMR edition, has a V12 engine producing 605HP connected to a 7 speed manual dogleg gearbox. Yes a 7-speed MANUAL DOGLEG!

The Aston weights around 1500 KG.


The Ferrari 458 Speciale has a V8 engine, with also around 605HP. But this one has the very fast Ferrari F1 gearbox. The Ferrari is slightly lighter at around 1300 KG.


Both 2 door, even lighter more special editions. But to be honest, their is no comparison. The Aston Martin feels old compared to the Ferrari. I mean this in a good way, it has a frond mounted mega V12 engine, which massive amounts of torque, a great sound and a manual gearbox. But this makes it a very hard car to drive fast, also because the dogleg 7-speed in my opinion is just 1 gear to much. Sitting in it feels high quality, the leather the finish is all top notch.


The Ferrari 458 speciale is a completely different animal. Fully stripped, and that screaming V8 behind you. The gearbox is magical and soo fast. It makes it so much easier to throw into the Black Forest corners. 


Both cars look and sound awesome and driving to these beautiful mountains, was an experience we won't forget!


Enjoy the cars and scenery!

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