Green Hell Driving Days 2021: Final Trip to the Nordschleife:

TrackandTuner.com loves the Nurburgring. Unfortunately the last two years it has not been easy to visit the Nurburgring. 


This is sad for us, but more importantly for all the people in the region. It was a rough year with COVID-19 again closing lots of shops, rental companies and restaurants and the terrible flooding. 


We wanted to end the year with a smile. Fortunately we had a gorgeous weekend, with great weather during the last visit, traditionally called the Green Hell Driving Days.


As you can see down below, lots of great cars attended and it was a very busy weekend. We even saw 350 cars on track!

As always lots of great BMW M cars. Like the one we took with us, the Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 F80, always getting noticed. 


While we were looking around 24/7 performance, to see all the great BMW M3 e46 cars, a large group of Spanish Nissan GTR drivers where looking at the blue BMW M3. 


After that we took the opportunity of the great Autumn colors for a quick photoshoot. More to come soon, but the colors and the Eiffel in these conditions are gorgeous. 


I tried to cover the autumn colors as good as possible with some alternative actions shots through the woods. Hope you like them.

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