Bimmerfest 2022: M3 e30, e46, e92, f80 or G80?

TrackandTuner.com visited Bimmerfest Europe at the Venray Speedway.


In our first part you could have seen a lot of BMW M cars. 


But in this part we take a look at the best BMW M cars. 


But first we start with a single turbo BMW M4. I am very intrigued by this set up and exhausts, must sound like a modern 2JZ. 


The USA group living in Germany brought some mega cars! Man i loved all the cars they brought back, even the new BMW M3 G80's looked great. 


All had mega mods, but tastefully made with full carbon fiber packages and high quality parts, loved it. 

Checking out the paddock further we noticed:

  • BMW M1 OEM - 700K 
  • Dakar Yellow BMW M3 e92 - This color is mega
  • Our old BMW M5 e60 
  • A S14 swapped BMW e30 touring - needed lots of work but the base looked cool 
  • Apple candy red BMW e30 looking shiny 
  • BMW M3 e46 swapped with a V10 by Procar - Car is for sale (for a bit too much money) 

What car is your favorite? 

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