Manthey Racing Kits now available on Trackandtuner

TrackandTuner.com can now proudly offer all Manthey parts. 


Manthey Racing is one of the biggest names on the Nordschleife. They are THE BEST for all Porsche related racing products. 


They have been improving and making Porsches better since the very beginning. 


From the track to the street - that’s the slogan behind the development of packages for sportive car models from Porsche. Manthey-Racing offers individual solutions to increase the performance of cars for trackdays and driving Events.


The knowledge from the motorsport is included in all products which are extensively tested on the track during the R&D process.


That is why they brake all the "road" car records on the Nordschleife.  


We delivered two Manthey packages for a Porsche GT2 RS.


The GT2RS is a mega car, but with the Manthey package it fully transforms. From the handling to the earo package, your Porsche will be transformed. 


It is not often that I see so many kits from the same producer on the Nordschleife, and that is for a simple reason, they are the best. 


You can now order it via Trackandtuner or get in touch for your custom order! 

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