Mcartel Roadtrip: 65 BMW M cars on the road

TrackandTuner.com visited our first meeting organised by Mcartel.


Tim the organiser of Mcartel, organised this meeting with the starting point at Gijsbertsen. At this meeting we had over 65 BMW M cars. 


Almost every BMW M car was present. The BMW M2 and M4 are very popular, as does the BMW M3 and BMW M5 e60 in this case.


During meetings like this, you can really see and hear the difference between natural aspirated cars like the BMW M3 e92 with its V8 and the BMW M5 e60 with its V10, with the current cars like the Turbocharged BMW M2, M3 and M4. 


I also really like all the new colors on these cars. The Yellow BMW M4 was a very nice color choice. 

We started the roadtrip with some lovely roads in a great area of the Netherlands. Lots of nice houses and posh people, thinking what is happening here when 65 BMW M cars are coming through there streets.


I have to say, I am not a big fan of roadtrips as many people drive too fast or dangerous. I prefer fast driving at the track. However during this meeting they all behaved very well, which for me is a big plus! 

Yes all the cars are very loud, but 0-the speed limit is also a lot of fun, when you have a V10 or other great sounds to listen to. 


We closed the event, with a tunnel run. Hope the people had ear plugs because heading into a tunnel with 65 BMW M cars was great to see and hear!


Again many thanks to the Mcartel and to the drivers of this event. 



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