Classic GP 2023: Whats in the paddock?

TrackandTuner.com loves classic cars and therefore we always visit the Classic GP at the Nurburgring.


In 2023 we where walking in the paddock to check out all the lovely cars.  


I always am attracted to BMW 1602 or BMW 2002 cars, I just love them.


The Mercedes SLS club showed up with these mega cars. The SLS is probably the best car to buy for the future.


Another great club attended, the BMW M3 e46 CSL owners club. Again maybe the ultimate BMW M3 e46, but the CSL now is EUR 150.000 would this go even further?


I always like to look around and find these mega specs. Like the green Ferrari 812 GTS.


Another little gem was the DP engineering Porsche 911 retro classic. Updated interior, wheels, engine and the oldskool body in carbon making this another popular retro Porsche.


Which one of the cars in the gallery would you buy? 

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