Trackday at Hockenheim: Porsche GT2RS clubsport, BMW WTCC, Corvette

Trackandtuner.com visited a brand new Track for us. First time at Hockenheim!


We joined Schnitzer Classic with their BMW 320i WTCC on a great trackday, testing the new owners BMW WTCC car. A mega car with a great history.


Schnitzer Classic preserves all the best cars from BMW racing history. They have all the parts and cars so check them out.


It was our first time at Hockenheim, a track I knew from F1 racing in the past. Remember the crazy F1 race couple of years ago.


Unfortunately, the track is not on the big F1 calender, and you can see that the track is bit forgotten, a shame. 


I remembered the long straight after the start and finish line, but it also has some very technical corners in the stadium.  

Plenty of Porsches, but particular attention to the new Porsche Cup car and the Porsche GT2RS "Clubsport". Rare sight but driven by the customers. 


We were next to some mega big Corvettes. The green one looked aggressive and mega. A massive V8, which compared to the small 4 cilinder from the WTCC is a big difference.


The thing is the WTCC is all about handling and light weight, you need to trash and throw the car in every corner. 


I love the older cars, why? Just take a look at the video down below.


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