Tuner Visit: Manhart Racing

On our way to Gran Turismo Nurburgring we went to Manhart Racing for a quick visit. You can’t miss Manhart Racing because your are immediately greeted by a M3 e92 MH3-Biturbo. This is just one of the creations of Manhart Racing. It has an X5/6M Biturbo engine with 670hp and over 900NM of Torque.

Manhart Racing is specialized in BMW engine conversions, performance upgrades and carbon fiber aftermarket parts. At Manhart Racing nothing is what it seems like.  Just like the white M3 e92 isn’t a M3. It has a M3 body but a N54 engine which they have boosted up till 512 hp and 645NM.

Manhart recently moved to a new facility which includes a new showroom with a M3 e30 with a M5 e39 400hp engine. This unique car shows the possibilities of Manhart Racing. The M5 e39 seems like it is made for it and it has been perfectly fitted. Just like the BMW 1000RR race bike in matte grey, with every carbon fiber part available on it and a gorgeous custom made exhaust.

Being specialized in BMW’s there is a bit of a strange car in the middle of the showroom. It’s a customer’s Mercedes SLS AMG ready for some new upgrades.

We walked outside to see the famous Manhart Racing M5 F10 with 710hp and 860NM. It was hidden in the parking lot which made it a bit hard to photograph. The new original M5 F10 lacks a bit of an aggressive look but with the Manhart Racing modifications it looks a lot more aggressive, not to mention a lot faster.

On the other side of the building we see the new M6 F13 fitted with their all new rear exhaust and 21 inch ADV1 wheels, which is a true beauty.

We didn’t have much time, so we hope to visit Manhart Racing in the future again.

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