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TUNER REPORTS · 31. May 2013
It now is fitted with a BMW X6/5M Biturbo V8 engine. This normally makes around 555hp. But Manhart racing fitted their ECU upgrade and a custom exhaust to make close to 700hp and 1000NM of torque.

TUNER REPORTS · 15. May 2013 recently visited Manhart-racing on our way to the Nurburgring. Our quick visit wanted us to visit Manhart-racing again. Manhart-Racing organized their Sommerfest for customers and visitor during an open day. The perfect opportunity to visit Manhart again.

TUNER REPORTS · 01. May 2012
On our way to Gran Turismo Nurburgring we went to Manhart Racing for a quick visit. You can’t miss Manhart Racing because your are immediately greeted by a M3 e92 MH3-Biturbo. This is just one of the creations of Manhart Racing.