Tuner Visit: Manhart racing Summerfest 2013: 700+hp BMW M5 F10, M6 F13 and MH3 Biturbo

TrackandTuner.com recently visited Manhart-racing on our way to the Nurburgring. Our quick visit wanted us to visit Manhart-racing again. Manhart-Racing organized their Sommerfest for customers and visitor during an open day. The perfect opportunity to visit Manhart again. One look around the showroom shows Manhart specialism. This means fitting a V8 in a M3 e46 or a V10 in a M3 e46 or M3 e92 without a problem.

Lots of cars were on display including their own 700hp BMW M5 F10 and M6 F13. With their MHR exhaust system, carbon fiber air intake and MHR ECU upgrade these cars are a lot faster than stock, and the best thing, we had the opportunity to ride with them. These cars were very impressive. The Manhart MHR exhaust adds some emotion back into the quiet BMW M5 F10 and M6 F13. With their ECU upgrade these cars have 700+hp, which makes them a lot faster than stock without losing the perfect autobahn qualities.

Demo rides in Manhart racing’s own cars attracted a lot of other BMW enthusiasts and Manhart customers. This includes a gorgeous BMW MH3 Biturbo convertible. This beast has a BMW X6/5M Biturbo engine which is tuned to 690hp and almost 1000NM of torque. These are insane figures and our ride in this car was something unforgettable. It just rockets to 250km/h with no problem and keeps on going way over 300km/h. Riding in a convertible means you really hear the turbo sounds of the X6/5M engine. More about this car in our next article.

Just when you think you have seen it all, this orange BMW MH3 Biturbo Clubsport came by to take a look. This car has upgraded intercoolers, a custom carbon fiber wide body and a full roll cage and it makes 750hp!

With two orange beasts we end this article and want to thank Manhart-Racing for the great day and the rides.

Take a look at this great compilation from tomedelic1.

Stay tuned for more videos of these great cars on www.youtube.com/tomedelic1

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