Tuner Visit: 700hp X6/5M BMW MH3 V8R Biturbo Convertible

TrackandTuner.com visited Manhart racing during Summerfest 2013. Organized by specialized BMW tuner Manhart-Racing, they offered demo rides in their tuned 700hp M5 F10 and M6 F13.

This attracted a lot of BMW enthusiasts including a gorgeous BMW M3 E93. We had already seen this car when it was matte black and equipped with a Supercharger at the Nordschleife, were we got a ride around the track. But this time it was even more extreme, it had undergone a very special Manhart treatment.

It now is fitted with a BMW X6/5M Biturbo V8 engine. This normally makes around 555hp. But Manhart racing fitted their ECU upgrade and a custom exhaust to make close to 700hp and 1000NM of torque.

Normally this car is equipped with the very fast DCT double clutch gearbox. This gearbox is great and very fast in the normal M3 e93. But with 1000NM of torque it just can’t handle all the power. That’s why the X5/6M automatic gearbox is also fitted in this car. The automatic, which can be manually controlled by the paddles behind the steering wheel, is a lot stronger and can handle the extra torque.

To make sure you can stop all this power, the front brakes are upgraded to the X6/5M and the rear brakes are from a BMW M5 e60.

Suspension has been upgraded with a KW Variant 3 package.

Looks are also important so this car has been fitted with carbon rear and front splitters. To fit the massive engine it needs a carbon fiber hood with a big bulge in the middle. To finish the look the car is fitted with some gorgeous BBS wheels.

Well let’s talk about our ride in this car. It was breathtaking, the car is just so quick, it lights up the traction control in third gear on a sunny day. Imagine how this would feel on a wet road.

The endless torque makes this car the ultimate autobahn cruiser destroying everything in its way.

We have also driven the 700 hp BMW M5 F10 and M6 F13 tuned by Manhart racing but this car feels faster all the way.

This being a convertible makes the ride even more intense hearing the turbo sounds right in the cabin.

All in all a brilliant experience, which we would  like to thank the kind owner.

As a bonus at the end of Summerfest we were joined by an orange BMW MH3 Clubsport. This car has upgraded intercoolers and makes close to 750hp. The Clubsport logo stands for the complete roll cage and carbon fiber wide body making this car even more extreme.

Enjoy the video made by Tomedelic1 were you can see the transformation of the car in the first video and the ride in the second video.

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