WeDRIVE: BMW i8: The next Back to the Future car?

TrackandTuner.com had a ride in the new Hybrid supercar from BMW, the BMW i8. Thanks to BMW dealer Jer. De Fonkert, we had the possibility to drive this car all day and give our full review. We will cut this review into several parts like handling, power, acceleration but we begin with the outside how does it look?

Back to the future

If there is any car that would be the perfect replacement for the DeLorean in back to the future, it would be the BMW i8. The futuristic looks of this car attract attention from everyone on the streets. From youngster pointing and screaming if it is a supercar to elderly checking out a car they have never seen before. Everywhere it goes it attracts attention in a very positive way. We love the concept theme vibe of the car with strange lines towards the back and off coarse the doors. We love these doors, everywhere we go the party trick is just to open the door and everyone is amazed by the subtle wings of this car.


Power comes from a perky little 4-cylindre fitted with a turbo and the electric motors making this a self-sufficient hybrid producing 357HP. Meaning it can charge itself by driving and by braking it re-energizes the batteries. With its four wheel drive system this car is incredibly fast of the line. Capable from 0-62MPH in 3.6 seconds is supercar territory. This comes from the immediate power the battery gives down low. We were very impressed by the speed it can easily achieve. We especially like the battery boost or E-boost in the higher rev range, we feel no turbo lag thanks to the electric engines.


Should you compare this car than to a Ferrari 430 or Gallardo as in speed or power? No, in our opinion this car is more suited as a comfortable cruiser. Put it in eco mode and you drive in silence through small city streets. Even in the normal mode with the engine helping you hear almost nothing. The ride quality is very good and comfortable. It drives very easy and the cabin feels modern and very light giving you the feeling of comfort. However put in in sport and you can hear the engine tone changing, becoming more aggressive. Steering feel is light and shouldn’t be compared to the feeling of a BMW M car. Also the front feels light on initial turn in however the car handles incredibly well albeit a bit artificial. We see this car as an awesome cruiser capable of some incredible sporty handling. However put it in comfort and it becomes the ultimate cruiser, racking up the miles in a light and very pleasant way.


Yes it is just a 4-cylindre turbo engine but it sounds really perky and aggressive in sport mode. We know BMW has artificially pumps sound through the speakers but you don’t realize this at all. It will never be a high revving V10 as found in the M5 e60, however in sport mode it gives pleasure nonetheless. The lack of sounds in eco or comfort mode is staggering and proves the quality of this car. Nothing can be heard, no squeaks nothing. We think the sound matches the cars character.


How do you notice the electric engines? Well clearly just running in eco mode allows you to drive purely on electric power under 3000RPM. The car re-energizes when lifting off and braking. This is noticeable in the braking peddle. However after a couple of braking moments we were used to the feeling very quickly.

Is it practical?

Well is does 30MPG combined with our highway and sporty roads. It has a small boot, were you can put your beer crate but that’s it. It has some space on the backseats for small children and should be seen as a 2+2 similar to any Porsche. However getting in and out takes some getting used to.  The carbon fiber structure while it is great to look at make getting in and out a bit difficult.


We love this car for its looks and performance. The futuristic looks of this car turns heads and the interior as exterior are gorgeous to look at. It makes you feel special. The performance is great, it is by all means very fast. Treat it as the ultimate cruiser capable of some very sporty actions and you will love this car. The BMW i8 gives you futuristic technology as seen in the hypercars like the LaFerrari, 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1, only at a fraction of the price. We applaud this car for its innovation and futuristic looks, a car to want.

We would like to thank BMW dealer Jer. De Fonkert for giving us this opportunity. Check out their inventory here:


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