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WeDRIVE: Picking up a Ferrari FF from Leipzig
WeDRIVE · 16. November 2023 picked up a Gorgeous spec'd Ferrari FF. By Train to Leipzig and driving 800km back on german autobahns with this V12 beast.

Supercar Madness 2023: Supercar Lineup and action on track
(TRACK) EVENTS  · 05. November 2023 visited Supercar Madness at Assen circuit. This is part 3. Time for action on the track. Lots of great cars in action, but for me the favorite was the N-Largo F12. The sound it made and even trying to powerslide!

Supercar Madness 2023: Gercollector SVJ and Zachs Garage Koenigsegg
(TRACK) EVENTS  · 05. November 2023 visited Supercar Madness at Assen circuit. This is part 2. Time for the Hypercar / Supercar line up. With the Lamborghini SVJ, the Koenigsegg Regera and the Novitec N-Largo F12.

Supercar Madness 2023: Assen end of season part 1
(TRACK) EVENTS  · 05. November 2023 visited Supercar Madness at Assen circuit. This is the end of the season meeting part 1. Ending the season with the famous 4 mill. Koenigsegg Regera and the presence of GerCollector. Check out the cars inside for more.

AvD Oldtimer GP 2022: Why you should come too!
(TRACK) EVENTS  · 18. July 2022 favorite Classic event is coming up. On the 12-14th of August the AvD Oldtimer GP 2022 will take place on the Nurburgring. Check out WHY you should also come!

The AvD Oldtimer GP 2015: Racing the best classic cars
(TRACK) EVENTS  · 11. April 2021 take a look back at the best classic cars during the AvD Oldtimer GP 2015. Just look at the massive flames from the BMW M1 Procar, the Porsche Kremer K3 and many more.

WeDRIVE · 04. November 2020 records this EPIC fight between two BMW M1 Procars during the AvD Oldtimer GP 2020 on the Nurburgring. Take a look to see and hear these two great cars in action.

WeTALK · 15. July 2020
In WeTALK we talk about the current cars, the news and racing events. In this version we interview the Matchbox BMW e30 owner, who has build one great BMW e30. Check out how and why he did this.

(TRACK) EVENTS  · 26. January 2020 went to the AvD Oldtimer GP. This is the final article of our 500 plus photo and video report. Take a look at the best BMW M1, AMG and DTM shots of the weekend.

NURBURGRING NORDSCHLEIFE · 29. December 2019 visited one of our most loved track events on the Nurburgring: The AvD Oldtimer GP. We love the classic cars, the people and the sounds. Take a look at the unofficial test day inside.

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