Tuner Report: Perfecting a BMW M3 e46 Convertible (CSL, Carbon Ceramic Brakes and more)

TrackandTuner.com documented the progress of perfecting a BMW M3 e46 Convertible. This car has been fully built and maintained by www.bandenserviceflakkee.nl.

This car started life as a fully stock BMW M3 e46 Convertible. However, the owner had different objectives. His mission was making this the ultimate BMW M3 e46 Convertible. 

He started with the body, changing to an OEM CSL front bumper, OEM CSL wheels, rear diffuser and CSL trunk, interior got a custom CSL mid-console. After that it was time for some power updates. These came in the way of a full Supersprint lightweight race exhaust and carbon fiber airbox. The carbon airbox has a much larger volume, also compared to the OEM CSL intake, making even more sound and sucking in more air. 

This was then Alpha-N tuned to gain more power, loosing the air flow sensor. The car produced 388HP and 419NM of torque.

But with more power, comes more responsibility. The owner wanted everything renewed, so the car was stripped and the subframe was reinforced and upgraded with powerflex rubbers and bushings. After that the underside was fully repainted. 

Handling was improved by a KW V3 suspension set up.

All that power needed to be constrained, so brakes were first upgraded from stock brakes 325mm to, Porsche calipers and csl discs 345mm.

However that was not enough stopping power for doing laps at the Nordschleife. So these were improved to Lamborghini Hucaran calipers with Audi rs6 390mm discs. These barely fitted the wheels but all was working great. 

Even this wasn't enough so we can now proudly introduce the first BMW M3 e46 with carbon ceramic brakes. The latest set up is from a 2018 Audi R8, which has carbon ceramic 380mm discs and ceramic brake calipers. Fully custom setup to fit the E46 M3, all made in-house. 

See the car in action and hear it roar in the video's down below:

Relaxed lap around the Nordschleife

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