WeDRIVE: Immaculate BMW M3 e30 with a S54 Engine – Nordschleife Photoshoot

TrackandTuner.com is always looking for stunning projects, as we are currently undergoing our own project(s). This might be our dream project car, a BMW M3 e30 with a S54 engine.


During our visit on the Nordschleife, we met a group of BMW e30’s looking not so standard. When I was looking up close, it showed that within this group all had been fitted with a BMW M3 e46 S54 engine.


One, was prepped for the trackdays, one for the occasional lap around the Nordschleife, and this one was in an immaculate show like condition.


We love projects, as they take time, passion and a lot of hard work. When talking to the owner, he showed us all the hard work, which went into this build.



It started with an original BMW M3 e30 body, without an engine back when these M3 e30’s weren’t that expensive, a great basis to start with then. After that an almost new BMW M3 E46 engine was found and installed with just over 10.000 km (6.000 miles), straight for the BMW factory.


To make it even more special, it is a  BMW M3 e46 CLS spec engine. It got the MK60 ABS unit from E46M3 with CSL software and M-trackmode.

It's got a fully working DSC system, a CSL camshaft and CSL software.

As you can see the engine has been fitted with a carbon fiber airbox, specially made for the e30 chassis, as the standard BMW M3 e46 airbox won’t fit. If you need one for your e30, let us know as our partner Nasy Performance custom makes these.


It has a BMW Motorsport differential with a 75% LSD. Stopping power comes from Porsche calipers in the front and e36 M3 3.2L brakes in the rear.


The car has been equipped by an intrax suspension, Alpha N-tuning and slightly rolled out fenders to fit the gorgeous NTM Wheels. These are 18 inch, custom made wheels, resembling the BBS magnesium ones back in the DTM.


Interior wise, the car was fitted with brand new Recaro seats, featuring a Sport Evo look. However since I was drooling over the exterior and engine bay, I forgot to take pictures from the interior.


As you can see the car was looking immaculate and according to the owner, a great drive.



What else could you dream of, then an original BMW M3 e30 with a S54 350HP engine?

Check out the video of a casual lap of this car on the Nordschleife during that day. Again taking it easy since it was slightly drizzling.



Thanks to the owner for letting us photoshoot this awesome car.


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