Nurburgring Classic GP – Real sounds, real cars, real racing

TrackandTuner.com visited the Classic GP on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. In this part you will see more action shots of all the great classic cars around the Nurburgring.


The Classic GP, was lucky as the weather conditions where ideal for racing. For www.trackandtuner.com it was one of the only times the Mercedes Area was being fully used, as this is normally cut short during the AvD Oldtimer GP.



Together with the big Ferris wheel on the background, I already imaged how the images would turn out. I must say I am very happy to capture this, the way I did. How do you like the wide angle shots?

Another friend was racing in his BMW M3 e36 STW. This car has a 4 cylinder engine, fitted with a carbon fiber airbox making 286HP. That is not a lot compared to the big DTM cars or the Kremer K3 Porsche producing over 500HP. In his competition he was fighting against the Opel Vectra DTM and Audi DTM cars, both producing close to 330HP.


Another problem that he has, is that top power is only made above 7.000 RPM, so to keep up with the others, you need to be full power in every corner, making it very challenging but a lot of fun, as you can see in the video, down below.

As you can see, he did a great job, coming in at second place!


In the end the Ford Capri took the victory in front of the Opel Astra V8 from Heup Motorsport in the top class.  


All in all the Nurburgring Classic had a great atmosphere and great cars. We saw a great collection of Mercedes SLR’s, McLaren’s and the best of the golden era DTM cars. We love the open set up and seeing all the cars up close.



We always recommend checking out these great classic cars because the sounds and smells will soon be extinct. 

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