PARTNERS: Be gentle it is an EVN Ring Rental

TrackandTuner.com tries to share the best trackdays, cars, parts and experiences on the tracks around the world. Specifically the Nürburgring Nordschleife, being our second home.

During our stays we have met some amazing people, who without asking helped us in achieving our dreams, being our own Nordschleife Ringtool.


One of these people is Frank, owner of EVN Ring Rentals, in providing us with much needed contacts, knowledge and experience.

We met Frank during one of our tours on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. We noticed some new rental companies around the Nürburgring and we decided to check them out, one of them being EVN Ring Rentals.

Back in those days, they were established in the Old Ring house, called “Altes Forsthaus”. They bought five new Seat Ibiza Cupra’s which provided great value for money.


Frank introduced us to Enzo, Niki and the others, as these Ibiza Cupra’s were all named after famous racing car drivers, a nice detail.

The Ibiza Cupra’s are stage 1 or stage 2, meaning adjusted for the ride on the Nordschleife with better brakes, suspension, roll cage and some sticky Nankang semi-slick tires.


After a safety briefing (safety being one of their many focusses in 2019) we went out on the Nordschleife. The Car was brand new and great fun to drive, for the money, I can’t think of a better car.


After that first experience, we have had many other great laps, with cars from EVN Ring Rental. 

EVN stands for the names of Franks children, and this feeling is carried through the company, friendly and you feel taken care off.

We weren’t the only ones, positive about their rental experience, so EVN Ring Rental expanded to their new home at the “Lindenhof”.


More space, more room for new cars. They have expanded their cars to include a Renault Mega RS300 “Trophy”, A BMW M2 modified by MKR Engineering, a BMW M3 e92 Clubsport, a Porsche 911 Carrera S and their recent acquisition a Porsche GT3 991.1 Clubsport.


All great cars, with great safety and “make faster” modifications.

The cars are great and the pricing is very competitive.


EVN Ring Rentals goal is to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Their sports car rentals are carefully selected for the perfect feel and performance on the Nordschleife, yet they are easy to drive for every level of driver.


Renting a car on the Nordschleife is not without risks. The track is dangerous, and damages can be expensive. Therefore, one of the focus points of EVN is safety.

You can be an excellent driver in general but on the 73 corners track knowledge is key, so the point is really not how good of a driver you are but more on the difficulty of the track.

The easiest way to improve your track knowledge - which leads to a safer, faster and more economical driving style is through teamwork with a coach. 
Take the advice of EVN Ring Rental and leave your ego at the track entry - Listen, practice, grow and be faster in the long run.

Be gentle on the Nordschleife and enjoy the first experience as the track can be overwhelming.


You can check out the safety regulations here or book Frank as an instructor for your first laps, making your experience better and safer by clicking here.


TrackandTuner.com highly recommends visiting and renting a car from EVN Ring Rentals. Stop by at the Lindenhof and let Frank explain some of the magic of the Nordschleife and experience the greatest track on earth on your own or with Frank as an instructor. 

Don’t forget to say Hi to Frank on behalf of www.trackandtuner.com


Check out one of our laps in one of their Seat Cupra’s down below.

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    Frank Berben (Thursday, 12 September 2019 15:30)

    Great article and I couldn’t agree more. Visit EVN/ Frank every time I am at the Ring!