PARTNERS: PSDesigns making cars faster, better and great looking

TrackandTuner.com has seen the best trackdays, cars and people on different tracks around Europe and even the world.

Over the years we have seen that these people have one thing in common, making their cars faster, better looking and standing out from the crowd.


We have been asked, if we never get sick of seeing the same cars on track, cars like the BMW M3, Porsche GT3 or other great trackday cars.


Our answer is a very clear: NO!


Why? Because none of these cars are the same. They have all been modified in one way or another. The options, the colors and small details makes them stand out, makes them look like the personality of the owners.

That is one of the fun things during trackdays, you will always find owners and cars with unique parts making them stand out and making them go faster.


One of these companies, providing these parts is PSDesigns. PSDesigns is an internationally operating aftermarket car parts development company specializing in the supply, design and manufacture of quality performance parts, including niche products like Titanium wheel hardware, bespoke intake conversions, handling upgrades, Carbon Fibre Aero, Styling and Performance Tuning.

PSDesigns strives to design, supply and manufacture performance products to meet the needs of each individual customer. To bring engineered performance upgrades to like-minded enthusiasts that outperform the competition. 

In addition to this we can endorse from our own experience that they also deliver the best customer service and after sales care.


In our quest in making the ultimate BMW M3 e46 Ringtool, we have noticed some of PSDesigns unique products.

The BMW e46 chassis weak spot is the subframe. That is why we installed their A+ rated Chassis repair/ reinforcement kit on our BMW M3 e46. This is a must have for any e46 platform, making your car structural stronger and ready for a lifetime of enjoyment.


TrackandTuner.com only sells parts which work well, are great quality and have great companies behind the products.

We are therefore very happy to have PSDesigns onboard as one of our partners. We have seen and installed their parts, and we can only say, we have a lot more parts incoming.


We are proud to carry their unique products and stand behind the quality. So, if you are looking for some unique parts for your Track/Ringtool, to make it go faster, look better or upgrade the OEM materials, take a look in our webshop, you won’t be disappointed.


In case you have any questions, about the products, need them to be installed or any other queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Check out the products down below.

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