WeDRIVE: MKR-Engineering BMW M2 Competition – Nurburgring Nordschleife Weapon

TrackandTuner.com is fortunate enough to work with some awesome partners. One of them being is MKR Engineering. MKR Engineering is specialized in BMW M2’s and have created one of the best BMW M2 Competitions to attack the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


You might now realize we are obsessed with riding on the Nordschleife. However, we are not the only ones with the ring-virus. One of our partners, MKR Engineering, has created their business by racing BMW around the Nordschleife.


They race in VLN and RCN with the new BMW M240 M racing, maintain Ringtools and modify BMW’s especially BMW M2’s.


They have a large list of BMW M2 cars modified for clients to attack the Nurburgring Nordschleife but they kept the best for their own pleasure.

They created the ultimate BMW M2 Competition for the Nordschleife. We had the pleasure to photograph this great looking BMW M2C around the Nordschleife.

The car has a big list of modifications being:

  • MK-Rennsporttechnik bonnet
  • Racing wing
  • BMW M4 GT4 Ohlins suspension set up
  • Milltek racing exhaust
  • Recaro Seats
  • Roll cage

The suspension set up is especially trick, sharing components with the BMW M4 GT4 racing car, this is a unique set up.  Special is that all parts are TUV approved including the seats and roll cage.


The car is well capable of BridgetoGantry time in the low 7 minutes. With more testing to be done, we can’t imagine what it can do on a perfectly timed day.

We love the look of the car, while it might be the perfect Nordschleife set up, it is also very driveable on the public roads. The “stance” is perfect, not too high or too low, but just perfect.


What do you think of the car?


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