Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool: Finding the right Set-up S1E2

As you might know by now, we bought our very own BMW M3 e46 Ringtool to finally enjoy and participate on the Nordschleife like our friends.

We bought the car with the following modifications:

·         Recaro seats

·         Movit Brakes

·         APEX wheel

·         KW Suspension

·         Wiegers' Roll cage


A good base car for exploring the Nurburgring.


As you can see many reports from TrackandTuner.com are on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It should not be a surprise that our holiday includes a full week at the Nurburgring.



Perfect time to test out the car and see what we need to change. 

Our initial impressions were good but not great. Yes the car was fast out of the box, but the handling wasn’t what we would like. It felt nervous on the back and therefore we were taking it slightly easy.


We did manage to do some laps in low traffic, testing even more. However the set-up is not there yet.

You can see in the video down below that we still managed a 8:00 min BTG which is not bad, not bad at all.



We don’t time ourselves, but only look back at our video’s to see the laptime. I find this a lot more relaxing and you can focus more on the driving lines than on your time. 

I always love seeing the action pictures of all the photographers. They like us, are part of the great atmosphere on the Nordschleife. 


As you can see the car was lively. Yesm the car has KW suspension, but we believe it is only the V3 package. We know that many of the fast BMW M3 e46 cars on the Nordschleife are driving with a full KW V2 Competition package, a real race set-up.


So, first thing we did after coming back. Yes we ordered a KW V2 Competition set up. This means we needed to fully list our modifications like our tires, our current set up, mentioning our cage etc. as these set ups are made to order and to your setting.


We can’t wait to see and feel the handling when our KW package arrives. As always we keep you updated on www.trackandtuner and on our social media channels.

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