Essen Motorshow 2019: Whats Hot or Not?

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2019 Essen Motorshow, to see what are the latest trends, what is hot and whats not in the Tuning world.


In the first report, you have seen the very expensive classic cars and Supercars. Now it is time for some tuning cars and see what is Hot and what is Not.


First up was a Apocalypse Dodge Ram, which would be very menacing when this appears behind you on the "Autobahn". We also saw the new 5.0L V8 ford Mustang which in Germany is a steal compared with the crazy prices in the Netherlands due to the CO2 Tax. 


Also good to see was an original Porsche Carrera GT, not the V10 one, but one of 400 original GT cars. Not so hot was a tuned Lamborghini LP640, which has been for sale for a lot of years, but I much prefer an OEM LP640.  

Some great racing cars where also present, but my favorite was the little BMW fitted with a 4-cylinder F2 engine, producing 350HP.


Not so Hot was the stanced BMW M3, I just wonder why? I much prefer the BMW M4 GTS fitted with some very light weight BBS FI-R wheels. 


Again I am not a fan of the lowered, bagged cars. While the looks of the Porsche and Audi R8 were not that bad, they are meant to be driven hard, and not to be down on the ground. 

I like purposeful builds like the Atomic Nissan GTR, looking great and having over 1500HP, also one of the fastest cars during this years Essen Motorshow.


The Lions run, was also present with two hypercars, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and an all carbon body Bugatti Chiron, bot looking stunning! If you had to pick one for one last ride in the canyons, which one would you take?


The BBS wheels, have been liked a lot, so the Chinese are now also making their own version. Looks a like, but has no wholes, no lightweight and no motorsport strength like the real deal. 


The carbon body Bugatti Chiron, looked a lot better than the gold wrapped, bling bling edition. 


As expected the new Toyota Supra was tuned a lot and was certainly hot among tuners. However on the looks, I am still not convinced. 


Which one is your favorite car in the gallery? 

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