Essen Motorshow 2019 - Expensive Supercars and Classic Cars

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2019 Essen Motorshow. Our traditional end of the year visit to see what is hot, whats not and what new in the world of tuning, supercars, wheels and classic cars. 


We always visit the Motorshow Essen, and while not much has changed about the set up, we always see new and interesting project making it worth-wile.


Like usual, we start of in the most expensive hall of the exhibition. This lot is filled with the best Supercars and Classic cars. We were immediately greeted by a Porsche GT2 RS Racing car and a GT2 RS street car. Both cars well over the EUR 300.000.


Another rare car was the BMW M4 GT2, with a asking price of EUR 159.000. However while they only build 200 of the BMW DTM M4 editions, this one was slightly cheaper. Why? 

Which one would you take if you had the choice? 

Walking to the Supercar display we saw the greats of the Koenigsegg, the new Porsche 935 and the old Porsche Kremer 935. Both looking stunning, but for us already star of the show, was the BMW M1 Procar from AH-Racing.


We have known AH-Racing for a long time now, we first met during the AvD Oldtimer GP. They have two BMW M1 cars, one being an original spec BMW M1 Procar and the other one being this crazy build BMW M1 car for the Nordschleife.


Yes they actually race with this BMW M1 on the Nordschleife. During the last race it was damaged badly, but now it is back, with new aero and looking even wider and meaner.

Just look at it from the back, with the two exhaust pipes placed in the middle!

Another great display, where the three generation Ford GT cars. The original Ford GT, the GT40 and the new "Ecoboost" Ford GT. While the car has certainly grown over the year in length and weight, it was great to see that the fundamentals where still there. 


I do have to admit that I like the new Ford GT over the old V8 ones. 


Last but not least we saw a familiar Dutch McLaren P1 on display still looking great. 


Just this stand alone was worth more than 10 Million Euro's and showed some of the best Hypercars of the decade. 

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