AvD Oldtimer GP 2019: Ferrari, Alfa Romeo -- Getting Ready for Race 1

TrackandTuner.com visited the AvD Oldtimer GP.


During this event many great classic car clubs show off their member cars. You have already seen the massive Porsche paddock, but we also had a great collection of Alfa Romeo's, Ferrari's and the strange and rare Isdera. 


After our walk around, it was time to visit a friend of ours, racing is his OEM DTM Mercedes AMG car. This Trust livery car is also for sale, and one of the contenders during the main race. 

You can see the onboard video of the race down below.

Then it was almost time for the first Race.


The BMW M3 e30 DTM, Porsche Kremer K3, the Ford Sierra RS500 and many more where getting ready to race. Going to the pre-starting position, we visited Heup Motorsport, now racing with a Opel Astra V8 DTM and a WTCC BMW 320 in this class. 


The Opel Astra V8, is also a real monster and it was fun to see the difference between the Mercedes AMG DTM and the Opel Astra DTM.


Who do you think will win during the race?

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