AvD Oldtimer GP 2019: Race 1 - BMW M1 vs Porsche Kremer K3 and DTM cars

TrackandTuner visited the AvD Oldtimer GP 2019.


You have seen some of the best cars in the paddock already in the below articles:

Now it is time to go racing.

Racing with the best classic cars, like the Mercedes AMG DTM, the Opel Astra V8, the Ford Zakspeed Capri and the iconic BMW M1 Procar. Who will win?

During the years, we have met several great car owners.


Two of them are racing together in two completely different cars.

The black "Trust" Mercedes AMG DTM (Which is for sale) vs the Heup Motorsport Opel Astra V8 DTM.


Both cars are V8 DTM monsters and need to go head to head with the BMW M1 Procar, the Porsche Kremer K3 and the Ford Capri Zakspeed. 


Pure power vs. downforce and aero. Take a look at the below gallery and tell me which car is your favorite?

Down below you will see the fight from the number 2 in the race the Mercedes AMG DTM vs the Zakspeed Ford Capri.


As you can see the power, performance and the aero of the Ford Capri are unbeatable. It has almost 700HP in the highest setting and it only weights around 800KG, so it is almost impossible to beat.


However our friend Yannik, did a great job in the Mercedes, finishing seconds.

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