Project Car: Tuning the BMW X5 F15 Trailer King

TrackandTuner.com loves a great project car.


As you know we currently have two big project going on. 

  1. Building our BMW M3 e46 "Ringtool" to the ultimate e46.
  2. Our BMW e30 with S54 Engine 

We have to say, that almost no car will go untouched in the TrackandTuner garage. After we drove a BMW X5 Diesel from a friend we knew that the BMW X5 F15 was the perfect car for us to use as our Ringcar/Trailer car and Family car.


It is big, rides great and has great looks, and ohjeah it is a BMW. 

So we bought a full options BMW X5 F15 35i, which has 306HP from its twin turbo N55 engine. We already completely blacked out the car:

  • Black grill
  • Black wheels
  • Black interior 


Just an awesome car to drive in. 


But like every car, this car can be improved. The twin turbo N55 has great potential, so we reached out to BR-Performance. 


We knew that BR-Performance has a very good reputation, as fine tunes the ECU on the Dyno which for us is very important. We did not want an over the counter (OTC) ECU tune. These are just 100 euro's cheaper and every car is different so we prefer an individual tune.


Their facility is smaller than I thought, but they had a very nice area in which you could sit and what the car on the dyno. After the stock base run on the Dyno the car made 301 HP and 400NM which is almost exactly like the factory data.


We chose the Stage 1 package, since the car will remain stock. After uploading the new ECU tune and fine tuning it on the Dyno the end result was:

  • 373,5HP and 527NM.
  • An increase of almost 70HP and 120NM


We were very happy with the results and you certainly notice the extra punch in the back. Check out the video for the full overview.


Thanks to BR-Performance for the service.


Now the car is fully ready to take our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool back to the Nurburgring Nordschleife. 

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