Tuner Report: BR-Performance ECU Tuning done right - 660HP Audi TT-RS

TrackandTuner.com visited BR-Performance in the Netherlands.


We were looking for a good ECU tune for our BMW X5 F15 3.5i, which would require mapping on the Dyno. We don't like an over the counter standard ECU tune, as every engine, every car is different.


That is why we contacted BR-Performance, with their on in-house Dyno, long history and good reputation.


Our BMW X5 F15 gained almost +75HP and 125NM with just a stage 1 ECU tune. read more here. 


They started with a baseline dyno, which showed 301HP and 420NM, right inline with the factory specifications. After that it took some time to rewrite the ECU and upload it on the car. After which the car was put on the dyno for finetuning. This all took about 2 hours time.


The car has significantly more power and is now even better for to trailer our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool. 

Within the facility BR Performance also provides, exhausts and other tuning packages, like turbos and intakes.


They had the new BMW 330e in for testing and developing a software package ECU stage 1 up to 420HP.


But to showcase their potential, BR-performance rolled up their 660HP Audi TT-RS. Fitted with a new Turbo, full milltek exhaust and intake package this car makes 660HP on Methanol gas.


We tested it on regular pump gas (98 / 95 RON) and it made over 620HP!


This car is a real sprint monster, loud, fast and with its 4wheel drive package almost impossible to beat of the line. 


We want to thank BR-Performance for their hospitality and the new and improved power of our BMW X5. 

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