Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool: Full Engine Rebuild!

TrackandTuner.com started our Nordschleife journey last year. After a great time and many laps on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, winter came and we decided to build our ultimate BMW M3 e46.


Part one was taking the car apartIn part two you saw the removal of the engine and in part three we received some gorgeous CSF Bling


Rebuilding our car from RHD to LHD means pulling the engine out.


We want to do everything for 100%, so we decided to do a major overhaul of the engine. Not only a full rebuild, but also improving with new and better parts. 


Known problems for all BMW M engines are the rod bearings. While our car only has around 40.000 miles (65.000km) we decided to change them. They were in pretty good shape, but now we know they are new and ready to go.  We also upgraded to ARP bolts and many many more small bits. 


As you can see we had another BMW M3 e46 in for rod bearings and a full service.

As you can see the engine looks completely new. 


The engine block has been repainted, all new parts, bolts and upgrades like the new solid bushings. 


This is a lot of work but doing it all ourselves means we know how and what has been changed.


I have to be honest, but it is a bit scary to see the engine being stripped to just the bear block.


Fortunately the engine now has been rebuild and back in place. 


Time to wiring it up! Stay tuned!

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  • #1

    ULYSESS (Saturday, 04 June 2022 21:08)

    I have and 2005 BMW M3 E46 that needs a new motor or an rebuild one. Do you rebuild motors and if so how much does it cost.

  • #2

    Trackandtuner (Monday, 06 June 2022 09:56)

    Hello ULYSESS,

    We can do both. It really depends on what has failed on your engine.

    In my opinion we would drop in a new Engine and sell the good bits of the old engine.

    We have a S54 in stock.

    Please contact us, via this page:

  • #3

    Lee Marco (Friday, 01 December 2023 11:57)

    Looking for complete rebuild kit. 2004 m3