Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool: Let the Rebuild Begin!

Last year we bought our Ringtool, the BMW M3 e46. A car that we have had a lot of experience with and we know from top to bottom.


We always wanted to make it our dream car for the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We started our Nordschleife adventure with a Right Hand Drive (RHD) English imported car with just 70.000 km on the clock. It was used as a back-up car for a collector with a BMW M3 e46 CSL racing car. 


So it already had some nice upgrades, like the roll cage, Brakes, seats etc. You can see our starting point here.


However, we always wanted to make it OUR car, with OUR vision and unique touches.


So after our last adventure and our return home from the Nordschleife, the project started!

After our return, we went to the workshop and started the rebuild!


We are going to make this a mega project, just to sum up some of the small things:

- New cage

- Brakes overhaul

- KW Competition 2-way Package

- New GTR Fenders 

- Motor overhaul 

- etc.


But the biggest thing, we are going to convert the Right Hand drive to Left Hand Drive.


After driving last year, we noticed that LHD would make more sence on the Nordschleife, we started this massive project. To help us, we bought another BMW M3 e46 for parts, as the owner started the conversion, with a new wiring harness etc. but never finished it. 


This way we have an example, a pile of parts and a back up engine and transmission. 


The rebuild has begun,so stay tuned!

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