WeTALK: Interview with the Matchbox BMW e30

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That is why we want to showcase more great project cars.


Lets start with this BMW e30 with a M20b28 Stroker Engine with open intakes (Stacks) producing 240HP. It has the name "Matchbox" but can be found at instagram via the owner: @whit_sugar_e30.


Let ask him some questions on building such a unique e30.

1.       What started your passion?

  • The Passion started with just a ordinary BMW e30. After just a few modifcations, I started getting more and more involved. 

2.       What was your first car?

  • Mazda 323gt turbo

3.       What is your dream car

  • Porsche  911 GT

 4.      Do you work on your own cars?


  • Yes, together with my friend we have worked on many car projects, learning along the way.

 5.      What was the basis of your project? Make, Model, Year;

  • A BMW e30320, build in 1991

6.       What was the first modification?

  • Wheels 

7.       Did you plan to modify it to this extend? Or was it a project that got out of hand over the years?

  • Project, that just started with wheels, ended in the a full build car, including suspension, wheels, brakes, engine and interior. 

8.       What was the biggest modification?

  • Engine itb with ECU. The engine was a lot of work. Creating a ITB stroker engine and making the stacks was the biggest challenge. But this result is 240HP and a great intake sound. 

 9.       What was the biggest mistake you made?

  • Hhmmmmm first set of wheels and about 6 new suspension set ups :)

 10.       Do you use the car regularly?

  • No this is not my daily, only for shows and fun events. 

11.       What is the best reaction you had on your car?

  • On instagram … this the best e30 in the world … Always great receiving such reactions. 

12        What our your plans next?

  • Hmm cosmetics and for sure applying the shadow line kit to the e30.

13.       Will you ever sell your car?

  • No no no 

Thanks again for @White_Sugar_e30 for his time and the great photo's. Leave a comment if you want to know more about the car.

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