Contactless Touristfahren at the Nurburgring Nordschleife

TrackandTuner.com was back for the first time at the Nordschleife.


In these weird times, Touristfahren is now Contactless. What does this mean?

  1. No parking space at the Nordschleife Entrance
  2. Ticket shop is open now but advised to do online
  3. All photo corners like Brunnchen WERE closed, but since this weekend OPEN again
  4. The cars are still there
  5. The companies have been hit hard financially but are all still there 
  6. Where masks in public surroundings and when you walk into restaurants
  7. Leave your personal details behind when eating in a restaurant 

Fortunately the Nordschleife is big, very big so we can enjoy all the cars safely and with 1.5 meter apart. 


We started the day with an overload of Porsches and BMW's at the Test center of the Nordschleife. 

It is always fun to see such a variety of colors, cars and people again.


We did noted that the UK friends are back again. Hope to see them staying safe also by sticking to the rules and wearing masks were nessecary. 


The cars where great as always, and we walked from and to the entrance to spot some great cars like the BMW M3, BMW M4, Audi R8 V10 performance and a lot more.

Since our car isn't ready yet, we went to our friends at EVN Ring Rental to rent a Cupra "Enzo" for some fun laps on the Nordschleife.  You don't need any more than this great little car!


While the ring is still great, the cars are still there it all feels a bit more awkward. Devil's Dinner is no fun, sitting in the car park, after waiting with a mask on, leaving your contact details is not something I would do twice. 


The Ring Boulevard is empty and most businesses there are gone. It isn't much fun to walk there with a mouth mask so I am expecting those companies to be hit hard. 

Restaurants are open and with great weather I prefer sitting outside, just to be safe. 


The cars, the people and the food are still great and we do love our Nordschleife. But stick to the rules, and be careful in big restaurants with all the different nationalities not all sticking to the rules. 


But most of all, enjoy the cars and the Nordschleife again!

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