TouristFahren at the Nurburgring during Corona

TrackandTuner.com is back at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and we couldn't be happier. 


However with strict rules in place, we wondered how the current situation is at the Nurburgring. Since this weekend, the big parking places are open again like Brunchen. However the main Nordschleife Entrance is still closed. This means big lines in front the Entrance as people try to stay close to the main entrance of the Nordschleife.


We were glad to see that the cars were still great and rocking the Nordschleife in full force. 

As you know we are big fans of BMW cars  and there we a lot of great BMW M cars going for a Saturday Evening Lap.  Ones I really like where the BMW M3 e46 and E30 from Switzerland.


The Diebels Alt BMW e30 edition has the V8 engine from a BMW M5 e39 so a lot of horsepower in such a small little car. 


Another BMW M car, with isn't exactly small is the BMW X5M which was standing at a great photoshoot location. 

We brought out the big BMW X5 in the beautiful Eifel region, with the Eifel Castle on the background! 


This car has now been fitted with 22 Inch Hamann wheels and fully blacked out. Man it looks angry! 


Back to the Touristfahren again, with even more great BMW M cars. We even had a small photoshoot with the great BMW M2 from our Partner The Crown-ring rentals. Check out the full photoshoot here. 

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