Trackdays.de: Actions Shots in T13 - Ferrari Pista, GT2RS, GT3RS

TrackandTuner.com visited the Nordschleife Nurburgring Trackdays.de event. 


The fun during Track Events is to see your mates and trash your car all day. Trackdays.de had a great event, with NO accidents!


Everyone was doing great on track, with no closures, accidents or any damage, which alone is already a great achievement. 


You know our passion for the BMW e30. We have been following e30.tv for a long time on instagram and it was awesome to see the car in real life. This is no ordinary BMW E30. It is a full build e30 with a VF supercharged BMW M3 e46 producing over 500HP!


Great fun comes in small packages right? Well the complete opposite was also on track, the 7 L Dodge Viper STR lurking around.

We went to T13, the entry where the testing cars normally enter the Nordschleife.


Walking just a few minutes back we were ready for the first action shots of the Day. 


I love to see the big differences in cars, just by photographing them you can see the different dynamics. The Porsche GT2 RS was following the Ferrari Pista and you can just see the difference in handling. The Ferrari looks lighter in the corner, but the Porsche looks like it shoots you from corner to corner. 


Trackdays.de also had a world first, with the Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS Manthey Racing testing the latest package. Manthey racing is making the fastest Porsches on the Nordschleife, having the unofficial Ring Record with their Porsche GT2RS MR. 


The MR package can be easily spotted with the closed rear wheels, as the MR package is all about aerodynamics and handling and not on power. 


With the sun shining hard, I wrapped up the first action shots and returned to the paddock for a refreshment.

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