WeDRIVE: The dream - BMW M3 e30 DTM vs the Porsche GT3RS Manthey

TrackandTuner.com brought the BMW M3 e30 DTM back to the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


This old little car, attracts a lot of attention even with all the great cars around the Nurburgring.


We met up with MahilFILMS and our friend PPG.X for some great rolling shots of both cars. 

Both cars are white, but that about the only similarity. 


The Porsche is a 500HP+ Nordschleife monster, prepped by Manthey Racing, with the full suspension package, camber set up, the Magnesium wheels and lots of aero.


The BMW M3 e30, is an old skool mear 250HP 4-cylinder light weight street car. Yes the full caged original DTM cars has over 300HP with just 1000KG, this however remains a street version, with a full Recaro history correct interior. 


While the Porsche GT3 RS is no big car in the current playing field, compared to the M3 e30 it looked big and bulky. The BMW M3 e30 is just so small and tiny looking in 2020. 


Both cars are impressive on its own, but together side by side, these shots are just lovely. 


Check out the video below for some EPIC video shots.

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