WeDRIVE: The dream - BMW M3 e30 DTM vs BMW M3 F80

TrackandTuner.com brought the BMW M3 e30 DTM home to the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


We had an EPIC adventure taking this old BMW M3 e30 DTM spec back to it roots. As you have seen we did it in style with the BMW X5 F15. 


Afterwards we did a full shoot with MAHILfilms and PPG.X awesome Porsche GT3 RS by Manthey. 


Now it was time to introduce our other project BMW, the highly tuned BMW M3 F80 by @YasBlueM3,  to the old lady. 


Another great photoshoot between the old and the 30 year younger latest BMW M3. As you can see they have almost no similarities left.

The BMW M3 F80 is a Turbo charged six inline, with for this example has 562HP and more torque the rear tires can handle :). 


However the small mere 250HP 4-Cylinder is more costly than 3 of the S55 engines. 


The Nordschleife is always full of great cars, where we especially liked the photo with the M3 F80 vs. M3 e30 vs. M3 e90. 


Another must do, is of course shoots some photos in front of the Nurburgring sign, if you don't get hindered by a Ferrari 488 Pista. 


Last but not least we had to take it for a lap around the Nordschleife. 


Fully aware of the risk of the Nurburgring Nordschleife, we took it very carefully around our favorite place. Afterwards finding some great pictures which made this roadtrip even more special. 


Make sure to take a look at the video down below for our after-movie of this Nurburgring Trip.

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