AvD Oldtimer GP 2020: Classics and Supercars

TrackandTuner.com visited the AvD Oldtimer GP on the Nordschleife. 


Every year the Oldtimer GP has been our favorite events. This year due to COVID-19 it was all slightly different but the normal Trackday on Friday prior to the action on the Nurburgring still continued. 


A big thanks to the organization for making this event, safe, efficient and conform all new regulations. They were very effective and greatly organized to make sure everyone's safety and hygiene was respected. 


During the Oldtimer GP Trackday, we see the most diverse field of great cars. From the Hypercars like the McLaren Senna, to the classic Porsches and Mercedes cars. Always a great sight to see Old and New together.

This year we entered the Trackday with the EVN Ring Rental Seat Leon Cupra " ENZO". This great little cars has over 280HP, full suspension set up and Porsche brakes, so although it looked out of place between all these great cars, it certainly wasn't the slowest. More on that later. 


We also saw the Zyrus Engineering Lamborghini Twin Turbo Huracan again, making significant process, with a laptime already under 7 minutes! 


It was great to see our friends again and enjoy some of the best Supercar,  Racecars and Classic cars on the Nordschleife.


Stay tuned for more great action pictures.

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