AvD Oldtimer GP Trackday: Action Shots Part 1

TrackandTuner.com visited the Oldtimer GP trackday on the Nordschleife. 


The AvD Oldtimer GP always brings out the best classic and modern cars. What is unique is that these are all on the Nordschleife during that one day. So you get the best of both worlds and you can really hear and see the difference and evolution over the years. 


There is no way you can compare a Toyota MR2 with a McLaren Senna, bot it is great to see both on track.

Surely the Porsche GT3 RS was still rocking hard, as we know PPG.X always pushing his Porsche Manthey on the Nordschleife. 


Other nice cars where the BMW M3 e46 with a Supercharger, the Alfa Romeo racer looked so small and low to the other cars. 


Maybe the most iconic cars on Track where the Audi Quattro Turbo monsters. 


We rented the EVN Ring Rental Seat Leon Cupra, with 280HP and fully prepped on the Nordschleife, was great fun and very fast. You can see the smiles and waves on the last photo's when the Track was red flagged do to an accident. 

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