SuperCarSundayNL: Hypercars Rolling Shots

TrackandTuner.com visited SuperCarSundayNL.


You could already have seen the busy paddock, and the Hypercar Line up


After the Hypercar Line up, it is time for our favorite part of SuperCarSundayNL, getting all these cars on track.


As press photographers, I had the opportunity to hang out of a Porsche Panamera GTS, to shoot some pictures of all these great Hypercars.

Except the Koenisegg Jesko, as it was a "display only" car. 

Fortunately many many other great Hypercars and Supercars flew by.


Let me highlight a few beasts:

- The Mclaren Senna. Most of you don't like the looks of this car, but I strangely love it. It is a very track focused track weapon but looks so good when it is on a track.

- The Porsche 918 Spyders, looks so normal, but is very very special.

- The Sound of the Ferrari 812 Superfast is just phenomenal

Lots of great colored Lamborghini Aventadors SVJ's where on display and while the car is getting a bit old, the looks and sounds are still one of the best. 


As you can see the cars kept flying by, with me having to keep up. 


Which one is your favorite?

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