Nordschleife 2020 Final - F1 Paddock

TrackandTuner.com had one final opportunity to visit the Nurburgring Nordschleife.  With all the new Covid-19 regulation, travel restriction now forbid us to visit Germany.

However, just a few weeks ago we we still allowed and we took this last opportunity to say our goodbye to our beloved Nurburgring Nordschleife and its companies, restaurants etc. 


We love this place and we hate to say goodbye, but this year has been challenging and we hope that all companies and people are still at the Nordschleife in 2021, stay strong!

The weather wasn't great but still great cars around like always.


You have seen our quick photoshoot of the double Manthey Porsche GT3 RS and GT2 RS here. 


The next week the F1 was finally back at the Nurburgring, and we went into the paddock to take a look at how the F1 paddock is built. As you can see all the units are lined up meticulously.

It is always great to see the full livery of F1 teams on the trucks and all the parts. All the parts are in boxes and all registered and numbered to unpack.


Funny to see that Team "Stroll" had the biggest hospitality unit of the entire paddock. 


Aston Martin proudly offering some great wheels to team Red Bull.

Back at the Nordschleife, lots of gorgeous BMW M cars where still around. 


I especially liked the white BMW M3 F80 with all the M performance parts, looking clean.


Another very rare sight was this porsche classic car at Zur Nurburg. if this is a real one (and I guess it is with the Porsche logo in glass) this must be worth a lot??


We miss our ringtool, but thankfully the Crown provided us with a great Renault Megane RS VLN spec to still feel like we are real racers.


When we stepped in our car to return home, we saw a shining rainbow from the Nurburgring Castle. We hope this is a sign of a better future of a better 2021.


To all our friends at the Nordschleife, stay well, stay healthy and we hope to see you all in 2021.

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