WeDRIVE: BMW M1 vs BMW M1 Procar EPIC Fight

TrackandTuner.com records two EPIC BMW M1 Procars during the 2020 AvD Oldtimer GP on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


We love the AvD Oldtimer GP, it always brings the best classic cars back to the racing track where they belong. This year 2020, was a smaller Oldtimer GP that we are used to. However we still had the pleasure to welcome our friends of MK Motorsport with their BMW M1 Procars.

Both BMW M1 Procars are built and maintained by MK Motorsport in Switzerland. 


One sporting the Buler livery and the other the golden Warsteiner. We love these cars and with their 460HP and 1100KG they are always one of the fastest cars in their class. 

It all comes down on the drivers and these two driver where pushing each other for the entire race. 


This made a great battle with both drivers pushing to the limit, and the golden Warsteiner taking the advantage when the Buler M1 made one very small mistake going into the first corner. 


It was great fun to see and we have it all on video down below. Enjoy!

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